Business Valuation

When it comes to business valuations, companies count on the professionals of IJW to provide them with independent and objective assessments of value. Our expertise is wide ranging, covering traditional industries in the manufacturing and service sectors to companies with new and innovative technologies.

Intellectual Property Valuation

Throughout our history, IJW has developed an expertise in the valuation of intellectual property. This knowledge base was built on our M&A practice within the software, gaming, biotech, and Internet application industries. In today’s knowledge based society, ever more value built by companies resides in their intangible assets. Our professionals help quantify the value of these intangibles and identify the acquirers to whom these intangibles would be most valuable too.

Brand Valuation

For some traditional manufacturing and service companies, brands are built over the course of generations. Besides the tangible assets that might be found on the manufacturing floor, these brands and innovative products have created substantial value over time. Our professionals help segregate the value of these intangibles and goodwill in order to help clients understand their worth. These valuations also aid clients gauge value for carve-out transactions and division divestures.

Valuation for M&A

IJW works to help clients navigate transactions in order to maximize value. Our professionals assist board of directors, senior management, and entrepreneurs value targets, value offers, and value the synergies that can be achieved through business combination. Knowledge is power, and we work to have our clients informed of the value that transactions can generate in the event of their consummation.

Valuations for Tax

IJW’s professionals provide independent valuation determinations to ensure compliance with corporate and individual tax laws as related to tax planning strategies. This work is performed to ensure that non-arms length transactions that are executed under a tax planning strategy are performed at fair market values. Within the context of changing tax laws and new regulations, our clients depend on our professionals to provide defendable valuation conclusions.

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