Corporate Finance

Our philosophy focuses on maximizing client value through our extensive professional network and expertise in various corporate finance disciplines.

Financial Strategy

Developing and presenting a solid financial plan is vital to securing financing and carrying out successful M&A transactions. We aid entrepreneurs in preparation for the launch of a new venture, as well as assist corporations looking to expand by validating options available to them.

Raising Capital

IJW has cultivated relationships with numerous corporations, strategic investors, banks, and institutions, enabling IJW to formulate and apply strategies that allow capital sources to deliver added value to clients. The negotiation process in capital procurement can be lengthy and challenging, but the quality of our networks facilitates this process. Our advisors aid in these negotiations to ensure that our clients receive the terms and conditions that are in their best interest.

Debt Financing

Our expertise allows us to advise clients on the products available to them and assist in the selection of products that fit their financing requirements. IJW is able to facilitate the debt financing process through its strong relationships with global financial institutions.

Capital Structure Optimization

It is critical to find the appropriate balance between debt and equity that best fits the cash flow needs of a business. The avenue in which debt and equity procurements are pursued today can have a vital impact on a firm's ability to expand and grow.

IJW & Co provides clients with the assurance that they have the optimal structure in place to be successful moving forward.

Financial Restructuring

Economic realities dictate that organizations will experience peaks and valleys as part of the cyclical nature of a business and the market at large.

IJW provides advisory in the form of information, assistance, and support during these challenging times. We aid in the negotiation process with current financial institutions that provide products to our clients and search for new sources of funding to correct capital structure inefficiencies. Restructuring junctures require expertise, flexibility, and the creativity to see new prospects clearly.

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