Business Valuation

When it comes to business valuations, companies count on the professionals of IJW to provide them with independent and objective assessments of value. Our expertise is wide ranging, covering traditional industries in the manufacturing and service sectors to companies featuring new and innovative technologies.

Valuation for M&A and Fairness Opinions

An assessment of value is typically the foundation for any type of business transaction. Frequently a company has requested IJW’s expertise to produce a valuation analysis before they decide what type of transaction they will pursue, or whether to pursue the transaction at all. IJW works to help clients navigate transactions in order to quantify value. Our professionals assist boards of directors, senior management, and entrepreneurs to value targets, offers, and/or value the synergies that may be achieved through a specific strategic business combination. In addition, a client may require a fairness opinion to complete a transaction, that has already been negotiated between the two parties, yet needs a third-party confirmation of the respective values of the entities involved .

Valuation for Tax Purposes

IJW’s professionals provide independent valuation determinations to ensure compliance with corporate and individual tax laws related to tax-planning strategies. Our work is performed to ensure that non-arm’s length transactions conducted for tax- planning purposes are performed at fair market values. Within the context of changing tax laws and new regulations, our clients depend on our professionals to provide defendable valuation conclusions.

Litigation Support

Disputes between parties (e.g. shareholders, spouses, loss of profit damages, etc.) often require an expert witness to determine value and deliver an objective opinion in court. The IJW team is extensively familiar with these litigation needs. Our Practice Leader, Drew Dorweiler, FCBV, FRICS, CPA (IL), CPA-ABV, ASA, CVA, CBA, CFE, MBA, has been retained in several hundred such cases, and testified as an expert witness in 29 matters in Canada and internationally. If you require an expert in a litigation or arbitration proceedings, contact IJW for a consultation.

Intellectual Property Valuation

Throughout our history, IJW has developed an expertise in the valuation of intellectual property. This knowledge base was built on our M&A practice within the software, gaming, biotech, and Internet application industries. In today’s knowledge-based society, increasing amounts of value created by companies is comprised by their intangible assets. Our professionals help quantify the value of these intangibles and identify those acquirers to whom these intangibles would be most valuable.

Brand Valuation

For some traditional manufacturing and service companies, brands are built over the course of generations. Besides the tangible assets that might be found on the manufacturing floor, these brands and related products have created substantial value over time. Our professionals help determine the value of these intangibles and goodwill in order to help clients understand their worth.

409A Valuation

At IJW, we recognize that, as a start-up or early-stage company, management’s resources are limited. Time, money, and human capital are assets that our clients cannot afford to waste. Our Valuation team of experts provides timely and cost- effective financial advisory services to allow management to build their business, rather than a spreadsheet.

A 409A valuation is a formal report that tells you the value of a company’s common stock. If a company plans to offer common stock options, there are two events under U.S. tax law when a 409A valuation must be prepared: once every 12 months and any time a new round of funding is closed. While many competitors complicate the process they use to perform their valuations; at IJW, we believe communication and clarity are imperative to being successful. By providing a comprehensive presentation of our value conclusions at the end of the process, auditor conversations are easier, turnaround times are clearer, and clients have a deeper understanding of why their business is valued the way it is.

Sports Business Advisory

All parties involved in a sports franchise transaction, be they on the buy- or sell- side, must emerge a winner! To accomplish this feat, it takes a trained sports franchise advisor that understands the value of the team and its related intangible assets. Drew Dorweiler leads the sports franchise advisory practice at IJW & Co. and IJW Dorweiler Ltd. Under his leadership, your financial interests in the sports world will be knowledgably represented by the IJW team.

Fraud Prevention and Detection

If you suspect fraud has occurred in your organization, or wish to prevent it from occurring, time is essential. Your response to the threat of fraud affects your organization’s work environment, employees, operations, and legal exposure should your fraud strategy involve pursuing a civil or criminal investigation.

IJW & Co. has two dedicated certified fraud examiners (CFEs) to conduct fraud investigations for your organization. As with any mandate, the IJW team will help you execute a fraud risk strategy or response plan that will deliver concrete solutions. Should civil or criminal actions be contemplated, litigation support expertise will be provided by our team.