Project AI – Dataperformers sale to Deloitte

Scope of Mandate

Data performers was an early stage applied AI company using computer vision technology to automate quality assurance processes for manufacturers of large ticket items. The company originally engaged IJW to assist with a capital raise.

Situation Overview

After assessing the market Dataperformers was going after, IJW recommended a dual- track mandate whereby IJW would look for early-stage investors and possible acquisition partners. The market was becoming fragmented and a potential path to
sustainable scale that was considered by IJW was an acquisition by a larger strategic. After canvasing the market, we received interest from participants for both investment and acquisition.

Client Outcome

After consideration, the transaction was completed with Deloitte, who acquired the company outright. With Deloitte, Dataperformers would be able to achieve scale and distribution much quicker than going at it on their own. Given that the market was becoming crowded, speed to market was a key consideration.