William Robinson

Senior Analyst, M&A


William is a seasoned finance professional with a diverse background in management consulting, venture analysis, and banking. He holds an MBA from the prestigious Smith School of Business at Queen’s University, with a specialization in Finance.

Before joining IJW, William worked as a management consultant for a technology company in Seattle, where he gained valuable experience working with high-growth startups. He also collaborated with his school’s venture capital fund as a venture analyst, where he honed his skills in financial analysis and valuation. Prior to business school, William spent three years at TD Bank, where he worked his way up to managerial roles.

William’s expertise includes financial analysis, valuation, and due diligence, with experience working across diversified industries, including the Technology and Consumer sectors. His unique combination of banking, consulting, and venture analysis experience provides him with a well-rounded perspective on financial transactions.


William enjoys hiking and staying physically active in his spare time. He also enjoys travelling and has travelled throughout Canada, the US, and throughout Europe.