Mergers and Acquisitions

Growth through mergers and acquisitions is a viable strategy, but substantial risk is often involved. Whether buying into a new business in an adjacent industry or acquiring a competitor, IJW provides an expert's perspective on acquisition strategies for the buy-side engagement. Identification of potential targets, their valuation, and aid in the negotiation process are elements we streamline and optimize. Our assistance in the development of the appropriate deal structure and procurement of financing ensures that transactions will be concluded successfully and provide a healthy return on investment.

Business Divestment

By assessing the financial ramifications of selling a business or business unit, IJW's advisors help clients make the most viable strategic decision. We also apply our expertise to analyze the value of clients' businesses, helping them find the buyer to whom their assets will bring the greatest value. By ensuring that the right divestment strategy is undertaken, IJW's expertise leads to clear and stable divestment transactions.

Succession plans require careful and meticulous planning - for entrepreneurs, selling a business to create a retirement fund is a fundamental step in one's life plan. On sell-side engagements, our expert analysis assists our clients in making the best decisions to achieve their goals.

As a boutique firm, we differentiate ourselves from the large investment banks by providing high levels of client interaction and personalized service. We leverage technology as well as our international networks to identify and connect with the candidate that will pay the highest price for our client’s assets.

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